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o/ I'm Kryssalian a French pixel artist making loop animations with different durations, so they don't match together 🤓

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Well well, @Twitter@twitter.com considers itself a basic human right. They sound like the British Foreign Office defending the rights of journalists abroad when they have the world’s foremost political prisoner journalists tortured at home. twitter.com/policy/status/1349

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Central European University neues Mitglied des Complexity Science Hub go.apa.at/KkLDEZxy @ceu@twitter.com @CSHVienna@twitter.com @AITtomorrow2day@twitter.com @donau_uni@twitter.com @IMBA_Vienna@twitter.com @oeaw@twitter.com @IIASAVienna@twitter.com @MedUni_Wien@twitter.com @tuvienna@twitter.com @tugraz@twitter.com @VetmeduniVienna@twitter.com @wu_vienna@twitter.com

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We're back online. However for some reason we have 0 followers. Please follow us back!

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EFF's Response to Social Media Companies' Decisions to Block President Trump’s Accounts | Electronic Frontier Foundation eff.org/deeplinks/2021/01/eff-

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This program seems amazingly cool. People leading university departments in Mexico should take note. twitter.com/tiagopeixoto/statu

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Would you like to *teach* in such a great program?

We are hiring an Assistant or Associate Professor!

Please take a look: ceu.edu/job/assistant-or-assoc

Review of applications will begin January 18, 2021.

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We will be offering a limited number of 🚨full scholarships🚨, covering full tuition waiver and housing aid.

The program is hosted by @dnds_ceu@twitter.com at @ceu@twitter.com, in Vienna 🇦🇹, often ranked the most livable city in the world.

Deadlines: Feb. 1, Apr. 12, 2021

Spread the word!


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The multidisciplinary program is designed to form a next generation of researchers able to make sense of the huge volume of data on human behavior, while based fully on the epistemological foundations of the social sciences (Sociology, Economics, Environ. Sci., Pol. Sci.) 2/3

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Exciting news! We are announcing a new undergraduate program in Quantitative Social Sciences at @dnds_ceu@twitter.com.


Our program combines rigorous ("hard sciences"-level) mathematics, statistics, and programming with the pillars of the social sciences. 1/3

Did you know that if you use @joinmastodon@twitter.com (a slick, free & decentralized twitter alternative) you can use a twitter bridge (e.g. crossposter.masto.donte.com.br) and post to both networks at once?

This means we can transit more easily, and build support for a more sustainable network!

New version of graph-tool is out!

(New: graph-tool.skewed.de/static/do)

Single-line install instructions:

Anaconda ⤵️
conda create --name gt -c conda-forge graph-tool

Homebrew ⤵️
brew install graph-tool

apt-get install python3-graph-tool

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It's sorta weird that Twitter does this mass banning of accounts, including, like, Red Scare, and the response from so many people is "Well they were all Nazis." Were they? What has Twitter revealed to you guys about the process that they are hiding from the rest of us?

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I'm happy to announce a new project, called Netzschleuder: networks.skewed.de

This is a network data catalogue and repository. It currently contains 257 datasets totaling 3,916 individual networks (94,956 if you include a big @openstreetmap@twitter.com trove).

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Ok, the Conan sword was cool.

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My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

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Calls for unity are pleas for immunity.

New on the @arxiv_physics: "Disentangling homophily, community structure and triadic closure in networks", arxiv.org/abs/2101.02510

Homophily/communities and triadic closure (triangles) are conflated properties in network analysis, and this method tells them apart.

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