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- so zum 🤮🤮🤮
zeigt @LilithWittmann@twitter.com an, weil sie die Datenschweinereien der CDU Wahlkampf-App aufgedeckt hat! Die haben wirklich keine Schamgrenze.
IT-Sicherheitsforscher:innen sind nicht kriminell, sondern wer mit Daten Schindluder treibt! 🤬 twitter.com/lilithwittmann/sta

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Happy Birthday, James Baldwin!

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Can machine learning outperform baseline logistic regression for predicting complex social phenomena? Many prominent papers have claimed highly accurate civil war prediction. In a systematic review, @sayashk@twitter.com and I find these claims invalid due to errors. reproducible.cs.princeton.edu/

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“What is dangerous is not an evolutionary biology faculty member saying that male and female are meaningful categories; it is someone speaking with institutional authority instructing her not to say so.” harry-lewis.blogspot.com/2021/

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I find it staggering that someone who so arrogantly dismisses entire fields as "unscientific bullshit" (psychology, economics, etc), can discuss this with *Stephen Wolfram* of all people

Warning: this thing is over 3h long.


Goddammit Wolfram, don't make me defend p-values.

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"Any time when you need to use fancy statistics like p-value to tease out a conclusion, the conclusion is deeply suspect."

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"Scholze began the proof on a Monday. He worked entirely in his head."

"The thought of losing touch with everything he’d built up in his mind was more than he wanted to consider."

"But afterward, he wasn’t certain that what he had done was correct."

Dude... Just use a pencil!

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Peter Scholze, one of the most respected mathematicians in the world, completed an important proof entirely in his head and hungover. A computerized proof assistant has now confirmed that his work is correct. quantamagazine.org/lean-comput

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If you think normal houses in the UK are pretty bad, try to imagine their prisons...

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I visited a Stasi prison, it looks strikingly similar to @hmpbelmarsh@twitter.com prison in UK where is being held as a political prisoner.

Their psychological torture methods, and reasons for detaining people are also strikingly similar to those of UK and US.

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I'm puzzled

Some of the transgender community seem to think that if you disagree with any of their views, you must therefore hate them

But if they disagree with you...does that mean, therefore, that they hate you ?

Puzzled of Weston-super-Mare

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scihub Twitter account still closed, as it should be!

Nobody needs to access millions of scientific papers for free, therefore avoid to check 👉 whereisscihub.now.sh the currently working scihub dns and never, never,never support scientific piracy. 🤫 twitter.com/campuscodi/status/

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Nuclear must be part of the solution.

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Electricity production in Europe in 2020.

Each colored point-cloud is a country
Each point (x,y) is 1 hour of electricity production with x=energy produced in kWh; y=CO2 emission in g/kWh.

bar graphs of the mix of production methods for select countries.


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This is sad to see.

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Ever seen Bernie squirm like this before?

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First Big Tech censored speech. Now they are blocking access to the financial system, which may be even worse. I’m particularly dismayed to see PayPal, a company I helped create, leading the charge. Thanks to @bariweiss@twitter.com for running my guest post.


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