Good news everyone! A new version of graph-tool is just out!

Single line installation:

anaconda ⤵️
conda create --name gt -c conda-forge graph-tool

homebrew ⤵️
brew install graph-tool

apt-get install python3-graph-tool

New MacBook owners will be happy to know that native M1 binaries (arm64) are available in conda, homebrew and Debian/Ubuntu!

@tiago Beautiful. I also love this color scheme. Reminds me of viridis Magma pallette. Anyport of this for R (#rstat)?

Unfortunately, I'm strongly against Conda and all the load of nonsense it brings with it. Conda is incarnation of cancer in digital world.

@Mehrad No port for R, sorry. But you don't have to use conda! There are many other installation methods.

@tiago thanks for the answer. Yeap, that's the only way I accept to use python: way away from Conda

Keep up the good work 👍

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