Researchers Generate an Entire Virtual Universe and Make it Available for Download (if you Have 100 Terabytes of Free Hard Drive Space): by


@tiago I doubt there are much people with the ability to store that data at home. It's a little absurd if the goal was to motivate random people, but if the goal is to share between institutes why not.

@BlackTortoise It's definitely meant primarily for researchers! However expensive it may be for storing it, it's cheaper than running the simulation from scratch.

@tiago Sure it is not useful to run the same stuff twice. I don't know how many groups or institutes work on that project. And for a small institute 40'000 $ is not nothing, but sure it will store on different support or they will have reduction for large buyer. Otherwise if you truly have to pay that price, you can afford incredible lab equipment or several rack of 128 cores server (if you build yourself). I don't think the solution to store it on the cloud smart if you really work on it.

@BlackTortoise The 40K figure is for a single 100TB SSD, not the data. You can store it on HDDs for a fraction of the cost, and you don't even have to download the whole thing if you don't want or need all of it.

@tiago Ok, sorry for my stupidity I believe it requires the entire download. So In that case the HDD is a viable option (for relatively small data) and you load it in RAM. Otherwise SSD stays the best solution if you need read/write (or preferably NVMe). It depends how you use the data and i have no clue what Astrophysicist use it. So I have think that it requires all the data to make an analysis of some constant of the systems. But sure for specific analysis in some area it works.

@tiago What is funny though, if the speed of internet do not progress, it will soon be faster to move hard drive from a point A to a point B if you don't have speed higher than 8 Gbit/s. But that not the case for institutes who has greater speed than that.

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