Exciting news! We are announcing a new undergraduate program in Quantitative Social Sciences at @dnds_ceu@twitter.com.


Our program combines rigorous ("hard sciences"-level) mathematics, statistics, and programming with the pillars of the social sciences. 1/3


The multidisciplinary program is designed to form a next generation of researchers able to make sense of the huge volume of data on human behavior, while based fully on the epistemological foundations of the social sciences (Sociology, Economics, Environ. Sci., Pol. Sci.) 2/3

We will be offering a limited number of 🚨full scholarships🚨, covering full tuition waiver and housing aid.

The program is hosted by @dnds_ceu@twitter.com at @ceu@twitter.com, in Vienna 🇦🇹, often ranked the most livable city in the world.

Deadlines: Feb. 1, Apr. 12, 2021

Spread the word!


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